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Auto Club


An interactive new car buying guide!

Anyone who loves cars or is thinking about buying a new one will love our Auto Club CD.

Whether you are a car enthusiast or single mom, company owner or a student, racer or commuter, truck lover or environmentalist, before you buy a car, check out our interactive multimedia Auto Club CD. Find out which car is right for you, your lifestyle and budget.

What do we offer?

Our CD will present hundreds of models of new cars – for every budget, for every lifestyle, for every purpose. Sedans, vans, trucks, convertibles, roadsters, station wagons, SUVs……gas cars, diesel cars or hybrid cars….all will be presented.

Cars are presented with all technical specifications, with dozens of interior and exterior pictures and videos. Cars can be searched by manufacturer, price, engine size, engine type, interior options, mileage, towing capacity, cargo space, chassis, etc. Use the multiple criteria search and compare the search results with other cars to find the one best suited to your lifestyle.

Knowing that buying new a car is a big financial decision, we will present current offerings of car loans, models of financing and insurance.

To save you even more time and bring you more valuable information we will give you a list of all car dealers and garages near you! And a special section included in our CD is the world of aftermarket equipment and parts, which makes your ride smoother, more comfortable and safer.

Once you've searched through all the information on our Auto Club CD, you'll have an easier time making a decision on what car to buy, without the inconvenience of having to drive from one dealership to the next or the added pressures from salesmen.

Why the AutoClub CD for consumers?

  • It provides all the important information related to car buying all in one place.
  • It saves the consumer valuable time.
  • It's FREE

Why the AutoClub CD for publishers?

  • It appeals to a large demographic, male & female between the ages of 16-70.
  • It targets a strong industry for advertising – the car industry.
  • It easily pays itself off for the publisher.
  • It increases the attractiveness of each publication, it separates itself from all others.
  • It greatly increases the circulation of each publication.
  • It's a great marketing and promotional publication. It can be easily adapted for the publishers individual needs.

The Auto Club CD can be made in more that one language – English, Spanish, French, etc…An interactive new car buying guide!…