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Firearms Guide 4th Edition

Available on: www.firearmsguide.com

Firearms Guide 4th Edition is the newest edition in the Firearms Guide series. It is rapidly growing in popularity among firearms / airguns enthusiasts and professionals in the shooting and hunting industry around the world.

Firearms Guide: 4th Edition is the world's most extensive firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide and schematics library on DVD for PC and Mac computers. It raises the bar from standard firearms publications like magazines and books to the next level of multimedia publications. It is a must have for anyone with an interest in firearms, air guns, ammunition, hunting and shooting, both for professionals and hobbyists. It is the ultimate tool to search, find, identify and research civilian and military guns from all historic eras.

The 4th Edition of Firearms Guide presents over 57,000 modern and antique guns and ammo, including new 2013 guns and ammo, from 630 manufacturers worldwide. The manufacturers are from 45 countries so you'll learn about guns from the US, EU, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, South Africa, Israel, UAE, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria, Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Finland, Japan, etc.

Firearms Guide: 4th Edition presents hundreds of the most important historic civilian and military guns used in every conflict or war from the 18th-21st century.  Guns from all sides of the European pre-WWI wars, American Civil War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam war and others are presented.

Hotchkiss, Bren, Chauchat, Spandau, Goryunov, MG32, MG42, Lahti, Lewis, Madsen, Maxim, Mondragon, Sten, Suomi, Arisaka, Carcano, Lee-Enfield, Mauser,  Mosin-Nagant, Frommer,  Luger, Nambu, Pieper, Ruby, Erma,  DWM, Swiss, Rheinmetall,  Loewe, Glisenti, RSAF, Lefaucheux, Berdan, Dreyse, Krag, Kropatschek, Martini, Vetterli are only a few of many presented.

Firearms Guide presents a brand new addition: fully automatic MILITARY GUNS - machine guns, heavy machine guns submachine guns, assault rifles and automatic pistols.

Firearms Guide 4th Edition is also a huge Schematics Library with over 4,300 printable gun schematics with parts lists from 360 manufacturers. The presented schematics are for all types of civilian and military firearms and for airguns, for new models and for old historic guns. All schematics are zoomable and printable!

All that enormous content is placed on one DVD for PC or Mac that does not require any installation on the user’s computer. It starts automatically when inserted and can be used without the internet for privacy. The user interface is very simple and easy to use with no computer experience necessary.


Five products on one DVD every shooter must have:

  1. Reference guide that presents over 57,000 models of Firearms, Airguns and Ammo from 630 manufacturers worldwide!
  2. Schematics Library with over 4,300 high resolution printable gun schematics with parts lists from 360 manufacturers!
  3. FFL Locator – Database of over 62,000 gun dealers in the USA with phone numbers and addresses. When you need a gun dealer find them by type of license, by state and by ZIP code.
  4. 500 Printable Targets – Print as many as you like! Shoot as many as you like! Choose from a great selection: game animals, silhouettes, crosshairs, sight-ins, fun-to-shoot objects, etc. Both black & white and color targets!
  5. US-EU Ammo Caliber Chart - No more hassle trying to figure out which EU ammo caliber is which US ammo caliber. We’ve figured it out for you, from US to EU and EU to US - works both ways!

Available at: www.firearmsguide.com  (both PC and MAC version)
Retail price: $39.95

What others have said about Firearms Guide:


  • "It runs remarkably fast...Intuitive and informative for all shooters... A fine reference guide to keep handy" NRA's Shooting Illustrated
  • "An invaluable tool for professionals in the shooting trade" - Gun Trade World, UK
  • "A comprehensive database.....an organized system for finding information" NRA's American Rifleman
  • "A valuable resource for gunsmiths" American Gunsmith
  • "An incredible source of information...too useful to keep a secret" Gun Trade News UK
  • "The DVD is worth the price for the target images alone" - GunBlast.com
  • "The Firearms Guide is superior to anything else on the market" - ChuckHawks.com
MAC Version info:
Format: DVD-Rom
UPC Code: 859694004012
ISBN Code: 9780985305420
  PC Version info:
Format: DVD-Rom
UPC Code: 859694004005
ISBN Code: 9780985305437