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Kids Club


For our small geniuses!!

Entertaining, educative and creative – what more could one CD for kids be???

Kids Club CD is a digital playground for kids where they can play several games, learn new things and develop their memory and creativity. Learning through games is so much FUN!

Kids can play arcade games or develop their memory and creative problem solving by playing Puzzle and Memory. Coloring books will help them to learn colors and the world around them. For reading skills our comic books are a fun a school to go to! How do you develop creativity and computer skills? Choose the postcard illustration, write a note, color it and print it out!
There are so many fun things to do on our Kids Club CD that every kid will love it!

Kids Club CD is ready for you to purchase and publish. We only need a very short turn around time to add your marketing and sponsoring materials.

Product placement possibilities:

This CD is a great project for product placement for any company with children oriented products or services! Your logos or products can be incorporated in every game. For example, Memory can be played with your products pictures. Or coloring book can include illustrations of your products to color.

Kids Club CD can be in more that one language – English, Spanish, French…


 Summer CD

 Autumn CD

 Christmas CD