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Our products are modern interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs ready for you to publish as a supplement or stand alone publication.

Our projects: Auto Club, Nautica, Real Estate, Kids' Club and Auto Katalog cover wide and strong markets, and therefore make interesting supplements for every newspaper or for magazines specialized in those specific markets.

Our best known publication is the Firearms Guide series. Firearms Guide 3rd Edition is the newest edition (2012) in the Firearms Guide series that is rapidly growing in popularity among professionals and firearms enthusiasts in the shooting/hunting industry worldwide.

Firearms Guide 3rd Edition is the world's first completely digital, computer searchable, firearms, ammunition and air guns reference guide on DVD for PC and Mac! 3rd Edition of Firearms Guide presents over 55,000 firearms, air guns and ammo from 500 manufacturers worldwide. It is also huge Schematics Library with over 3,000 gun schematics with parts lists from 268 manufacturers.

In cooperation with our customers, each project may include ads, links and additional marketing and sponsoring elements. With our goal being that your investment is profitable, each of our customers benefit from our professional experience in advertising income potential from start to finish.

With these supplements, your newspaper or magazine on a newsstand will:

  • separate you from your competitors – become unique!
  • have more informational value
  • become more attractive to the target market
  • attract competitors buyers
  • raise your circulation
  • raise your advertising revenue

With these supplements, you will have:

  • a competitive advantage, other than price
  • more flexibility in developing your marketing mix
  • unique advertising, promotional and PR possibilities
  • stronger brand
  • larger profit

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